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arrowImportant announcement of our new 1 Watt 2.4 Ghz SuperG radio. If you need high power then this is for you.
Model: KXS30SG

StarV3™ is a powerful Wireless platform that is designed for Enterprise-class networks that require a high level of performance and reliability.

arrowWe have recently released a new series of hardware, that is now available from our on-line store.

The new Lucaya M and X series of hardware are FCC and CE certified and shipping now.

Each system is powered by StarV3™, and contains a perpetual software upgrade license.

arrowPre-sales email to Lonnie.

arrowFor those interested in DIY systems, we provide firmware releases that can be installed onto a variety of hardware, and licensed from our webiste

StarV3™ Base features and abilities [manual] (StarV3 1.3.x series)

  • Management is via SSH, making use of an easy to use point-and-click interface
  • Support for multiple network interfaces
  • Support for multiple IPs on each interface
  • Complete Atheros support (listed below)
  • Static routing
  • Policy (source) based routing
  • 802.1d bridging with STP
  • 802.1q VLAN
  • Ethernet-over-IP (EoIP) support via VDS for LAN over LAN and VPN designs
  • Dynamic routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP, and OLSR)
  • Mesh networking via OLSR
  • Captive portal / Hotspot (WISPr attribute support)
  • Network monitoring via tcpdump and ping
  • Beacon real-time network traffic monitor
  • Command-shell with common networking tools
  • DHCP client and server w/ static IP assignments for AP
  • Firewall and Port Forwarding (via internal language, or iptables pass through)
  • NAT, and Static 1:1 NAT
  • Class-based Queuing (CBQ)
  • Layer-7 filtering (not on single port boards)
  • Recursive DNS
  • PPPoE server (not on single port boards)
  • Live over-the-wire[less] firmware upgrading

StarV3™ Atheros features and abilities

  • Complete 11n (mimo) support up to 450Mbps (3x3, TxBF)
  • Complete support for a wide range of Atheros PCI, mPCI, and PCIe devices
  • Strives to be compliance based with both FCC and CE regulations
  • Card disable support
  • Detailed association display with live stats
  • Support over 200 associations per card
  • Link distances up to 230 km
  • Full Duplex PtP (utilizes two cards)
  • 11n AMPSU and AMPDU Aggregation support
  • Adaptive Noise Immunity (ANI)
  • Robust rate control
  • Auto, Fixed, and MAX rate support
  • Fixed and Auto channel selection
  • Cloaking (Spectrum management; 5, 10, and 20 MHz wide channels)
  • 802.11e QoS
  • 802.11h TPC, DFS v1, and DFS v2 for FCC3, ETSI, and MKK4
  • Dynamic WDS
  • 802.11i WPA & WPA2/RSN (PSK, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-PEAP)
  • Built-in WPA PSK and EAP authentication
  • Radius-based WPA EAP authentication
  • Shared-key and Open-system WEP (40, 64, and 128-bit keys)
  • Static ACLs
  • Radius ACLs w/ accounting and session limits
  • Managed support (enhanced client control)
  • Low signal threshold to eliminate clutter of distant weak radios.
  • High signal threshold to eliminate clutter of nearby strong radios.

Atheros chipsets supported by StarV3™

  • Complete Atheros AR5416 11n series support, 450Mbps (all known chip revisions supported)
  • Legacy Atheros 802.11 a/b/g
    • MAC Revisions
      • AR5212A (AR5001X+), AR5212A (AR5002X)
      • AR5213A (AR5004X), AR5213A (AR5004G)
      • AR2413A (AR5005G), AR2414A (AR5005GS)
      • AR5413A (AR5006X), AR5414A (AR5006XS)
      • AR2315A (AR5006G), AR2316A (AR5006GS)
      • AR2413A, AR5413A, and AR2315A are 'LITE' chipsets and as such do not support Turbo, or SuperA/G features.
      • All known 11abg chips & Phys are supported.
    • Analog Revisions
      • AR5111, AR5112, AR2112, AR2413, AR2315, AR5413, AR5424
  • RF Bands
    • 900Mhz - 930Mhz (using Ubiquiti SR9), limited to legal bands by firmware
    • 2.3Ghz - 2.7GHZ, limited to legal bands by firmware
    • 4.9Ghz - 6.1GHz, limited to legal bands by firmware

For more information, please contact us.
hours: 9:00am - 5:30pm weekdays (GMT - 8, PST)

Latest release: GeckoV4

 Copyright (c) 2007, Valemount Networks Corporation.